Crescendo in Action

Several years ago I made a screen movie recording showing Crescendo in action against a snippet of song. Let’s see if I can present it here…

Here is a window-shot of the movie so I can explain what you will be seeing as it plays.

The top panel graph is meaningless here. The middle panel shows a waterfall display of the audio as it plays. The bottom panel shows the dynamic transfer function magnitude of Crescendo. In effect, you will be seeing how Crescendo acts like a very dynamic equalizer, dipping in response to louder sounds at various frequencies. The graph shows EQ boost versus frequency.

[Note that because I can’t know your particular hearing, I am giving you only the unprocessed audio during movie playback. The movie was made during the application of processing intended for me, with my very poor hearing. Had I given you the processed audio, you might not like what you hear. And that would give you an unfair impression of Crescendo.

But if you have your hearing aids on, then you should be able to correlate the brighter portions in the audio against momentary dips in the running EQ curve.

If you don’t have your hearing aids on, and you really need them, then I’m sorry that this may be a disappointing audio experience for you. So, just this once, go ahead and listen through some EQ treble boost.

And… yes, this is a bass heavy track.]

This movie was produced back in 2013, and Crescendo has since had some revisions to its dynamics processing for improved performance. But this movie will give you a sense of what the algorithm is doing. It was running Crescendo tuned to my hearing with vTuning = 60 dB.

[ Heh! I ought to point out that the vTuning number is only a mathematical constant in the algorithm. You will never see that much gain applied by Crescendo.

In fact, at 2 kHz where my own hearing shows a threshold elevation of around 45-50 dB, you will observe the gain hovers near 6-12 dB in the movie, depending on how loud the sound is.

The louder the sound, the less help you need to hear it. Crescendo strives to always be ear safe and not ever blow out your eardrums. I would only need 45-50 dB to hear threshold level sounds, and we don’t live in a world where such sounds are commonplace.

Furthermore, Crescendo has been designed to stop helping once the sound levels fall below whisper level. Threshold level is even fainter than a whisper. So we will never ever apply the full amount of vTuning to anyone’s hearing.]

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