Have Hearing Impairment? You are so lucky!

With the advent of Crescendo processing, if you have hearing impairment, you can experience what no person with normal hearing can. People with normal hearing are inundated all day long with extraneous noises along with signals deemed important. Their brains learn to discard most of the “noise” in the environment.

But with hearing impairment, your daily experience is of a darkened world with few extraneous signals. So when you don Crescendo processing, suddenly you can notice details in the sounds that others can’t hear. Theoretically, they ought to be able to hear them too, but their brains filter them away, and they don’t actually “hear” these sounds in any noticeable way.

I have a recording of a Boldieu Harp Concerto. In the second movement the harpist comes alive and I clearly hear the buzzing of the harp strings against her fingernails, and the knocking of her knuckles against the wooden harp frame. My hearing, via Crescendo, becomes more acute than “Golden Ears” in the mixing studio.

So you can celebrate the fact that you have impaired hearing. That opens up a universe to you that normal people can never experience. And when you want to have quiet for sake of deep concentration, all you have to do is remove the Crescendo processing and headphones.

You are so lucky!

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Author: dbmcclain

Astrophysicist, spook, musician, Lisp aficionado, deaf guy