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I heard back from one client with mild impairment, stating that the use of dual Crescendo engines made a significant improvement for him. So it’s now official. Crescendo has been updated to perform your choice of Single EngineDual EngineSplit Dual Engine – Pre, and Split Dual Engine – Post.

The split processing is intended for people, like me, with extraordinary recruitment, who need to insert an EQ between the pre- and post-Crescendo engines.

He was running two experimental instances of Crescendo (the equivalent of our Split engine processing), and his vTuning was initially around 35 dB. He writes:

“It sounded a little too bright this way and the lower mids, especially around 200-600, seemed less “there” while everything from 2.5 kHz upward seemed slightly more present. But when I lowered the second instance down to 30.5 vTuning, everything snapped into focus. The frequency balance sounded normal again and I suddenly heard this clarity and depth of sound stage you had mentioned. It’s very good. I was hearing way back into reverbs. There is much more clarity and focus, especially on the low volume information. Decays of guitar notes out into silence sound more natural.”

The updated Crescendo now performs vTuning apportioning in an optimal manner, and adjusts the release times in the two engines, all automatically from just one set of parameters. See the new Stacked control at the bottom of the advanced parameters view.

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[ He also found those improved Release time settings the other day. Down from the old defaults of 50/200 ms. So his new settings of 34/155 have become the new default settings too.]

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