I (we) Hate Hearing Aids!

Anyone who needs hearing aids, also ends up despising them. We can’t communicate without them, but the problems they can cause… oy veh! And the crappy sound!

What I found among numerous hearing aid users is that, invariably, the frequency band around 1 kHz is receiving too much help.

The frequency band between 1 and 2 kHz is often called the “Pain Frequencies”. Too much of that, and you want to just run away from it.

You can get a sense of 1 kHz by thinking of a full stadium during a touchdown. That collective cheering has a broad spectrum, peaking around 1 kHz.

So, maybe you can gain some forbearance with your hearing aids, if you just have your audiologist tone down the 1 kHz level, just a bit. You might find it more pleasant than before.

  • DM