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In writing the entries for this blog, I have spent the past week going over all the data and algorithms with a fine toothed comb – for probably the 100’th time.

It has been a day and night voyage through the past, rediscovering many things I once knew but had forgotten. Along the way I made some new discoveries. And one of the most significant – stacking multiple Crescendo units for serious impairment.

But I also started to notice that at the end of a long 16-hour day of listening, my right ear was growing fuzzy and distorted. I’m 66 years old now. Been at this business for almost 20 years. And this is the first time that I can recall noticing that effect.

It’s most noticeable in the 1-2 kHz Pain Frequency region, where I have hardly any assistance boost from Crescendo. About the same sound pitch as a stadium of cheering spectators. Perhaps I’m developing sympathetic hyper-recruitment to the left ear?

It only happens at the end of the day. And I find that after several hours of rest, away from all the critical listening, my hearing recovers. Perhaps this is what recording engineers refer to as ear fatigue?

I tried listening all day long to sound levels fully 10 dB below my normal listening level. This is down at levels around 65 dBSPL – about the same loudness as a normal adult conversation. It sounded different, but also good. And yet, despite the milder punishment, my hearing is fading once again at the end of a long day.

There is nothing to be done, except to give it a rest. Maybe I still work too hard. I have been a perpetual graduate student since the mid 1970’s. Can’t seem to change those habits…

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